You can do even more amazing things than this with your bike, when you RIDE to raise funds for loving families caring for orphaned children! 3 easy steps to RIDE and FUNDRAISE:


Register as a rider, click  RIDE

This link will take you to the Village of Love Canada Team page, “The Village Riders.”

  1. Click big red button on the right, “JOIN THE TEAM.”
  2. Follow the on-line prompts. If you run into any difficulty, e-mail Claire at CAP Network

Don’t worry if customizing your page is just too “steep” a climb! Skip to Step #3STEP # 2

Customise your Personal Fundraising Page

You can use the wording from the Village of Love Team page. Your friends would love to see a picture of you there with your bike!


  • You will have to provide a USERNAME and PASSWORD. Keep these handy for future log ins!

  • Save your work frequently: the page times out after 20 minutes.

  • Bookmark your personal page for future convenience!

STEP # 3

You CAN do this!!Reach out to your friends, family, and other contacts for sponsorship.

Be sure to send them the link to your personal fundraising page:

When you register, you will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail with a LINK to your personal donation page.

If you send your fundraising e-mails directly from your online personal fundraising page, the link will be sent automatically, but please customise your LETTER to reflect that you are supporting Village of Love!

  • MAKE A LIST of people you can reach out to for donations. Some (family, perhaps) you’ll ask face to face. Most you’ll probably e-mail.
    • You could send your friends the link to our  short video about Village of Love: VIDEO
    • Your sponsors may also like to know that your donation page is part of a SECURE site, and that our affiliate organisation, the CAP Network, will issue them with a tax receipt.

    • CHEQUES MUST be made out to CAP NETWORK with “Village of Love” on the memo line.
    • Download a pledge form here
    • Hand your form in on the day of the ride, along with the money you have raised.

Thank you for being part of the Village of Love Team!


  • All riders will receive instructions as to where to meet in the park and the route along which you will ride. You can choose an easy 5k, 11k or 17k distance.
  • Remember to bring a bottle of water!
  • After the ride, you will have the chance to meet other like minded people over a barbecued lunch- veggie options too.